Thursday, 18 December 2014

How to use Spotify in India

You thing to pay too much for a music that you want to listen, Wait why paid when something can be achieved free of cost. In this post I am writing a nice way to use Spotify in Phone. How to get Spotify Work in India. If you are android user install Tunnelbear. Keep Calm and read whole post before say blah blah. I don't tell you to use TunnelBear. You just need it to make account. Make a account by using the USA based IP (I am telling you for US, Don't try any other country since it will not worked). Now when account was created successfully then go to ApkMirror. Apkmirror is a wonderful site which provide APK for most of popular apps in Android. You need to install it from there. You need to lift ban on your android phone if you have security enable on your phone. Or Just go to and install the latest APK from the site itself. So you have just done step 1. Be happy, Now move to second step. I try both step, Login Offline and online and it's work in both way. Let's do 2nd step. Offline your phone by turn-off mobile data and WIFI. make sure spotify don't have access to internet. I hope you don't allowed app to enable the data and internet without permission. Now click on spotify and type username and password and login. now enable the internet (You need to close the app first). now play the music. You can do whatever you want on Your android phone. Cheers you have now unlocked your phone to it's full potential. Now you can run DJ through Spotify. Nobody can stop us now. You can use High Quality and Extreme Quality (for Premium user) if you are paid user. You can't play the music in album 5 song randomly. They will not allowed you. Now don't say #WTF. We still have a idea for that shit. Now installed the xposed framework. Remember that it will not work on ART framework which is default in Lollipop. you need Dalvik Runtime. Check it by click on About phone > go to build press it 5 time. and it will enable developer option. Go back to developer options and you can see that which runtime you have. You need to enable dalvik for this trick. Now When xposed framework installed you need to installed TabletMetrics from Xposed framework. If you found trouble in any step Go simply to Youtube watch tutorial and learn it first. After installing tabletmatricks you are ready to use anything you want. Note :- This trick I write on my own. I am not responisble for any damaged you made when you try this trick. I tried it and it's work. For support you can call the developer on XDA-framework and there own site. Be happy :) Now use Music without any Limit. NoBody Can StOp us to listen music. :) If you found this post useful share it with your friends and social network.